Provocateur = a person who provokes trouble ๐Ÿ’ซ

The way her body bends makes me want her and her magnetic attraction feeds my hunger. She knows just how to please men and like the master of deception she pretends to be whatever her keeper needs. Her words enchant and her desire is a privilege that she seldom grants. Helpless men long for her love for days and she likes the mind games so she plays. She’ll promise to consume your soul and then she’ll leave you bare and cold. She’s classically sadistic but the demon inside her revels in it. When she touches you it burns because she knows just what you like. She’ll explore all of the right facades because she’s familiar with your types. She’s a serene goddess who lives to venture and cause unrest.


Necromancer = a person who practices witchcraft or wizardry ๐Ÿ’ซ

You’re a beautiful boy and I want to play with you like a toy. One, two, three. I sat and watched you from a tree. I want to hold your head in my aching lap and scratch your neck while you take a nap. When you look at me through half shut eyes you’ll feel pain but I’ll be sure to muffle your cries. You can be my ritualistic sacrifice and in exchange I’ll take you to never before seen heights. I’m all about you now, the blood oath has merged our souls. I’m all about you now, you’re the one that keeps me whole. I’m all about you now, you’re the only thing i crave. I’m all about you now. I’d let everyone burn but you. You’re safe.

Succubus = a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men ๐Ÿ’Ž

Introducing the malefic nightcrawler. That’s what the local residents call her. She preys on men and their weak will. Luring them into her hypnotic playground with the intent to kill. She wears a seductive and predatory aura that seems too illicit to fit somebody’s daughter. Her favourite sounds are the screams of the boys when she plays with them just like little toys. She seems so innocent when she attracts them with her sickeningly sweet scent but she’s Lilith the demon of lust searching for men she can charm into a false sense of trust. Introducing the malefic nightcrawler. That’s what all of her victims called her.

Nightmare = a frightening or unpleasant dream ๐Ÿ’Ž

I can hear loud screaming. Wake up you’re dreaming.  The atmosphere is a nightmare and I should be scared but I can’t find it in myself to care. I can’t focus on anything other than the bodies taking on distorted positions. Something is telling me to leave and it sounds like my intuition but I’m trapped in a trance as i become a voyeurist watching women dance. The atmosphere feels like death or destruction and I detect a dark and potent scent. It’s sinister and seductive. I know I need to leave but its obstructive. I can’t tear my eyes away because I’m obsessed with they way the girls like to play.

Elusive = difficult to find, catch or achieve ๐Ÿ’Ž

She was a diamond, the true reflection of class. An expensive jewel on display, contained within glass. You longed to own her but she was elusive and had no interest in being exclusive. You tried to make her feel vulnerable by being obsessive and intrusive. You wore her in the hope that she would glisten in the light but she only attracted countless voyuerists who too were fascinated by the sight. A beautiful crystal that everybody desired and wanted as part of their collection. You kept her inside a box trying to disguise it as a place for her protection. But she was an elegant masterpiece and she would always do as she pleased.

Descend = fall downwards ๐Ÿ’Ž

A star that burns bright will eventually fall. The glamorous lifestyle is dangerous. Nobody should have it all. Expensive liquor, jewels and cigarettes. Seductive white lines taken on movie sets. Excessive indulgence and careless debauchery. She stands on the stage each night, so inebriated, unable to see. Her hedonistic habits will eventually take their toll. Before her last performance, she’ll down one or two dolls. The awestruck audience will applaud her but shortly after they will begin to stir. Gossip will spread and intrusive cameras will flash. The media will create shock value headlines for desirable amounts of cash. Tabloids will plaster the words โ€˜Notorious starlet overdoses while on stageโ€™. She will be a star, for the last time ever, on that front page.

Vapid = offering nothing that is stimulating. Bland ๐Ÿ’Ž

You never knew that she’d be the devil in disguise. The love you once felt fades away the longer you stare into her vacant eyes. You feel sad inside because she was almost your saving grace. Now all she is to you is a pretty but forgettable face. No amount of glowing lights or games played in the dark of the night could make you crave her touch. Worshipping her body no longer gives you that painful yet glorious rush. She was always so empty and had nothing to give to you. You now realise you fell in love with a persona which wasn’t even true so the illusion has been shattered. Much like a broken mirror, your dreams now lay scattered.