Descend = fall downwards πŸ’Ž

A star that burns bright will eventually fall. The glamorous lifestyle is dangerous. Nobody should have it all. Expensive liquor, jewels and cigarettes. Seductive white lines taken on movie sets. Excessive indulgence and careless debauchery. She stands on the stage each night, so inebriated, unable to see. Her hedonistic habits will eventually take their toll. Before her last performance, she’ll down one or two dolls. The awestruck audience will applaud her but shortly after they will begin to stir. Gossip will spread and intrusive cameras will flash. The media will create shock value headlines for desirable amounts of cash. Tabloids will plaster the words β€˜Notorious starlet overdoses while on stage’. She will be a star, for the last time ever, on that front page.


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